Results Analysis - 2010-11 Annual Report

Linked to Core Business 2 – Plan, provide and coordinate necessary supports and services for living in the community.
Seniors and persons with disabilities have appropriate supportive living options.

The continuing care system is composed of three streams: home living, supportive living and facility living (long-term care). Albertans value their independence and want to choose how and where they live, whenever possible. The Ministry works with community partners to foster the development of affordable accommodation options that are appropriate for changing needs and life stages, with the goal of assisting seniors and persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible. The Ministry also develops, monitors and enforces compliance with mandatory accommodation standards for supportive living and long-term care settings across the province. The accommodation standards are designed to support a safe, secure and comfortable environment for residents. Supportive living facilities are licensed by the Ministry based on their compliance with the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act, which includes the Supportive Living Accommodation Standards. The Ministry also sets maximum accommodation fees for long-term care residents.